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Rights of Use

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  • Start or try to start "denial of service" attacks;

Access suspension or interruption

Tribos & Montanhas reserves the right to interrupt or suspend access to the site, for as long as it wants, for any reasons, either technical, managing, adminipelo período que entenda necessário, por quaisquer razões de ordem técnica, administrativa, major force or other. Without prejudice to the previous paragraph, Tribos & Montanhas cannot be held responsible for any access suspension or interruption caused by a non directly attributable reason or by a directly attributable reason of simple negligence.


These site users declare and recognize that are aware of all features and constrains, limitations and errors of the internet, namely that data and information sharing on the internet have a relative technical reliability, passing across heterogeneous networks of different characteristics and techical capabilities, that may impact the access, sometimes interrupting it.

Users recognize that any site may be attacked by unauthorized third parties, causing an interruption. Also, information on the internet are not protected against deviations (free access), against virus, and that any person may create a link with access to the site and its elements, accepting the inherent risks.

Tribos & Montanhas may not be, under any circumstances, be held responsible for any damage accidental our voluntary, caused to the users by third parties or not during the usage of this site or any other site accessed through this one.

Tribos & Montanhas is not responsible for any damages caused by the service usage, including virus contamination.


Without prejudice to the confidentiality commitment (one should have as an obligation of means) concerning the processing of personal data (you may read our Privacy Policy here), Tribos & Montanhas calls your attention to the internet and data bases risks. THerefore, it is possible that the personal data on the site may be captured and/or transfered by this parties, especially in countries where personal data base protection systems aren't developed and where protection is scarce and ineffective.

Users visiting this site must accept the risks of being an internaut, namely the risk of of open data transference.