Do not miss the chance to visit Sintra during your stay in Lisbon, book now a Sintra tour with a local guide and all inclusive.

For those who have never been there, Sintra is a picturesque city with extravagant palaces, ancient castles and stunning scenery. Located only 25 km from Lisbon, Sintra connected by a regular rail service, which makes the city ideal for a day trip.

There is a popular day trip route that visits Sintra National Palace, the historic center, Moorish Castle and Pena National Palace, but you will not get much satisfaction from this because only to visit the Pena National Palace it takes more than 4 hours ... There fore, we advice to make choices regarding to the touristic places you can visit in Sintra and if you have only one day of sightseeing in the city better do it with local guide and opt for all inclusive Sintra tour.

Why booking with an all inclusive local tourism agency ?

Sintra is a destination where an organized tour can be helpful; there are steep hills separating the main attractions and a large part of the day can be wasted waiting for public transportation. More than that, the growing number of the tourist during summer time is making longer lines to buy the ticket or get in. When you are with a local guide and opted for an all inclusive Sintra tour, you have better chances to avoid the lines and optimise your visit time.

The pattern of organized tours in Portugal has greatly improved and now we have enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable tour guides. One of the most well-known companies in this area is Tribos Tours, located in Sintra and offering all inclusive Sintra private tour with local guides. Book your tour now with Tribos Tours or contact for more information.